Employer and Hiring Information

Are you an employer? Do you have to register as an employer? Once registered, what are you required to do? Here you can find information to help you answer these questions and more.

The following resources provide descriptions of employers, employees, independent contractors, wages, and more:

Employer Registration

If you are an employer, you are required to register as one. Refer to the following resources for information about registering as an employer:

Workplace Postings

In California, all employers must post various notices in the workplace. Refer to the following resources for more information:

Hiring Employees

The following state and federal resources can help you post jobs and hire employees.

Additional Resources

Department of Industrial Relations

U.S. Department of Labor


Labor Charges: California Department of Tax and Fee Administration

Rates, Withholding Schedules, and Meals and Lodging Values: Employment Development Department

Employment Training Panel